Make your own angel from a paper plate

Paper plate angel

Here’s a simple craft you can do at home to make your own angel from a paper plate.

Materials Needed:

  • Paper Plate
  • Scissors
  • Gold glitter (optional) 
  • Paper
  • pipe cleaner
  • Tape/Glue
  • Crayons and felt pens 

How to make your angel:

  • Start by cutting a deep triangle out of a white paper plate. 
  • EITHER Put lines of glue all around the plate and shake gold glitter on it 
  • OR draw lines with felt pen
  • Cut out the angel’s face (draw round a spice jar)
  • then add facial features and hair 
  • and cut out the hands. 
  • Assemble and glue 
  • Bend a pipe cleaner to look like a halo and tape it to the back of the head. 

Add some rosy pink cheeks and you’re done!