The Borderlands Charity

Borderlands is a Christian charity based in Bristol that exists to work with refugees, asylum seekers and other vulnerable migrants to help them from exclusion to belonging. 

  • We support refugees, asylum seekers and those with insecure immigration status to alleviate poverty and hardship.
  • We create a community of welcome where we support people on their way of securing ‘leave to remain’ and enhance social inclusion and well-being.
  • We raise awareness of the needs and experiences of our members among the wider community.
  • We work with people regardless of race, disability, sex, age, religious belief or sexual orientation. We have a vision for a world where refugees and asylum seekers can seek sanctuary and justice, can make full use of their talents and abilities, feel valued for their contributions, and build worthwhile lives.

Connect with Borderlands

These links take you away from the Long Ashton Christmas Trail website.

This link takes you away from the Long Ashton Christmas Trail website.

Printed copies of the leaflet are also available at the Escape to Egypt station.

Practical donations

If you would like to donate items such as coats or backpacks to refugees, you can do so at the Escape to Egypt station and we will pass on to another Bristol-based charity, Aid Box Community. Click here for more information.