Make a Lollystick Manger

Make this manger out of a lollysticks to hang on your Christmas tree.

Lollystick manger

Materials needed:

  • x2 lolly sticks (or strips of thick cardboard would do)
  • Some raffia or ribbon
  • A bit of straw (if you have a pet!)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Brown paper


  • First, glue your sticks together to make the manger shape, as in the picture.
  • Stick a triangle of brown paper behind the sticks
  • Then, draw a face on a small circle of card or paper and stick it onto the manger to represent the baby Jesus.
  • Add some bits of straw or raffia to your manger for extra effect.
  • Glue ribbon or raffia to the ends of the sticks to make a loop to hang it
  • Hang your manger on your Christmas tree to remind you of the true meaning of Christmas.