Share the Light Video and Colouring Sheet

Share the Light is a video and range of other resources, encouraging us to share a light this Christmas. You can watch the video and download a colouring sheet below.

They are encouraging people across the UK to display a light in their window on the 21st December, the darkest day of the year.

People are asking what Christmas will be like this year. The answer is that it will be what we choose to make it. We cannot, and should not, forget the loneliness, despair, suffering and loss that so many people have endured, and just try to do ‘Christmas as normal’. That would be insensitive.

Rather we should seek to come alongside those who are suffering; and to come together as a nation to celebrate the good news that darkness has not overcome the light, and never will.

This Christmas, in word and deed, in love and care, hope and help; this communications campaign asks that we all seek to ‘Share the Light’.

Song – The Call (Love Song For A City), Martin Smith

Colouring Sheet

Display a light on the darkest day of the year, 21st December