The God Who Sees

The Angel's visit
The God Who Sees is a song aimed at adults that talks about Hagar, Ruth and Mary Magdalene who were women in the Old Testament who experienced a similar encounter with the Almighty that Mary the mother of Jesus experiences at the annunciation.
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Song – The Angels Knew

Shepherds and Angels
Song – The Angels Knew Here’s a song to watch and listen to about the news of Jesus’ birth that the angels told the shepherds about. They knew that Jesus was the Messiah (God’s King) who had been first promised thousands of years before. If you’ve ever been to the Messy Church Nativity, you may […]
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Share the Light Video and Colouring Sheet

Other content
Share the Light Video and Colouring Sheet Share the Light is a video and range of other resources, encouraging us to share a light this Christmas. You can watch the video and download a colouring sheet below. They are encouraging people across the UK to display a light in their window on the 21st December, […]
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